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Indica strains marijuana generally has a higher CBD content than Sativas. While there is THC found in Indica, there is a more balanced ratio between the compounds, THC is responsible for the psychoactive effects of dried marijuana; this is present in the form of relaxing and happy feelings.

Indica strains

Indica is our couch-locking, hot-tubbing, body buzzing, day forgetting saviour. Cannabis Indica gives the smoker a relaxing full body high that’s great for helping treat body pain, anxiety, and insomnia. From mellow strains to absolute body melters, Cheebas is the best place to buy Indicas in Canada! Sample the best from the West at Cheebas.

Cannabis indica 

The Indica strain of cannabis is known for producing a body high and being a good sleep aid. It grows to a height of around 2 to 6 feet on average and produces around 1.5oz to 2.5oz per plant. Cannabis farmers that cultivate their crops indoors tend to favor these plants due to their shorter height and ability to grow quickly. They flower within 8 to 12 weeks, producing rapid results for cultivators. Indicas are generally more potent than Sativas, another popular strain of marijuana.

Overview of indica strains

Indica strains commonly contain a terpene (a hydrocarbon derived from a plant’s essential oil) called alpha-Pinene which is an organic compound that exists in sage and rosemary oils and in several pine tree species. Pinene is known to increase energy and mental focus, but it is also useful as an antiseptic, bronchodilator and expectorant.

Indica strains have the following traits:
• Plants are short
• Plants are bushy and feature wide leaves
• Plants are usually darker in color
• Color is often has a purple hue
• Buds are firm and densely packed
• Grows more rapidly
• Strains have a higher yield than Sativas
• Usually high in CBD and low in THC

Indica has several medicinal benefits including:
• Muscle relaxation
• Mental relaxation
• Decreased nausea
• Decreased acute pain
• Increased dopamine
• Increased appetite

What Are The Medical Benefits of Indica?

Indica’s high-level CBD concentration makes it perfect for anyone who needs to treat symptoms like muscle spasms, chronic pain, nausea, anxiety or sleep deprivation and also stimulates appetites for those who are struggling to eat. Although side effects from cannabis can include red eyes and dry mouth, these are very minor compared to pharmaceutical prescribed medicines given for the same ailments.Sufferers of conditions such as fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, lupus, insomnia and sleep apnea often find great benefits from the effects of Indica strain cannabis. People who are being treated with chemotherapy for cancer find the cannabis especially beneficial in relieving nausea and pain which so often appear as side effects.

Top 10 Cannabis Indica strains
  • ICE. The best and most notable Indica strain we carry is ICE. …
  • NORTHERN LIGHT. Northern Light is a favorite of connoisseurs and growers worldwide. …
  • BLUE MYSTIC. Blue Mystic was borne of a collaboration between California and Oregon strains. …
  • SPECIAL KUSH #1. …
  • O.G. …

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