Sisters of the Valley CBD Infused Oil




Sisters of the Valley CBD Infused Oil

Buy cbd oil at of the valley cbd infused oil)

Cost $25 for 15 milliliter (ml) bottle
CBD content 130 milligrams (mg) per 15 ml bottle
Test analysis Included with shipment and on product page
Ingredients Coconut oil, hemp, essential oils, blood orange essential oil
Available flavors Unflavored
Discounted pricing available? N/A
bottle of Sisters of the Valley CBD Infused Oil

This multipurpose CBD-infused oil contains hemp and essential oils and has a coconut oil base. At $25 for a 15 ml bottle, its affordability makes it an ideal option if you’re new to CBD oils and interested in trying a low-dose oil.

The oil is made with strains of the hemp plant that are developed to be rich in CBD and have almost no THC. Lab test results are included in the shipment. They can also be found through a link on the product pages of the website.

Take this oil orally. Sold as a multipurpose product, it may help relieve body pain or boost overall health.

What is cbd oil?

CBD oil is a blend of naturally occurring hemp oil and a carrier oil such as coconut oil. Hemp oil is extracted from the industrial hemp plant. The plant’s trichomes produce a resinous substance that contains many different types of compounds, including cannabidiol  and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), in addition to a variety of terpenes, plant proteins, and minerals. We carry this oil in the form of tinctures stored in a glass bottle that includes a dropper built into the lid for easy use. It is also used in Our  oil is made from non-GMO, hemp-derived  grown in the U.S. using natural farming practices,buy cbd oil online .


How to take cbd oil?

We recommend taking it orally. For best results, hold it under your tongue and wait 10-20 seconds before swallowing. You can also add this oil to your favorite food or drink by utilizing the convenient dropper on the tincture bottle. The recommended dosage of CBD is 30-60 mg daily. Please note individual results may vary.


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